“The IP addresses for Beth
Merkleson and Cecil Staton matched up -- they're one and the same.” 11 Alive
April 13, 2011
“You are busted, Senator Staton.” Political Vine
April 11, 2011

Staton Stands By Beth > Senator Staton defends Beth Merkleson even as he refuses to release any documents or data to defend himself.  As reported in the May 11th Monroe County Reporter, "Staton said he doesn't know who Merkleson is but said people should pay more attention to what's in her emails so they'll understand what happened in the session that just ended."  Staton is the only Senator endorsing the dishonest and manipulative Merkleson campaign.


Staton said of this controversy, "this falls under the list of reasons good people don't want anything to do with [politics]".  We agree completely that emailing fake prayer requests and attempting to end political careers of perceived rivals through sneaky dishonest email campaigns is definitely a deterent to attracting decent people to public service.



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Following the power struggle in the Georgia Senate a mysterious Beth Merkleson emerged as the "Georgia Senate Insider".  She emailed statewide nearly every day for a week spreading calculated lies and issuing fake prayer requests in a blunt attempt to manipulate people of faith and Georgia conservatives.


Our research pinpointed Beth Merkleson as sharing an internet with Senate Majority Whip Cecil Staton.  The Macon Telegraph later published this internet connection belonged to Senator Staton's offices at his religious publishing company.  Despite clear evidence, Staton has never addressed the undeniable facts of this case.


On May 5, Senator Staton appeared on Fox 24, laid his hand on his heart and professed no involvement in the Beth Merkleson debacle.  On May 14, Senator Staton led the GOP State Convention in prayer.




1) Taken any stab at explaining how Merkleson's click came from inside his personal offices just 19 minutes before his.

2) Released his company's IP address as of April 9 (Luckily, The Macon Telegraph did!).

3) Explained why he hired a K Street, Washington, DC "super lawyer" to speak to concerned voters.

4) Explained why on Day One he rejected the suggestion of a fellow Senator to issue an affidavit denying involvement and immediately open his office computers for independent review.

5) Expressed any concern over the mysterious disappearance of Beth Merkleson who was last pinpointed inside his personal offices. 



In the face of overwhelming evidence, we encourage Cecil Staton to speak honestly with middle Georgia voters about his involvement in this troubling case.




Recent media coverage:


CBS 13 WMAZ:  http://www.13wmaz.com/news/local/article/127517/153/Adams-Explains-Staton-E-mail-Controversy


Fox 24:



Kenny B Show on Fox 24, ABC 16 & News Talk 940 AM:  http://www.wmac-am.com/includes/news_items/6/415/7oclockhour.mp3


Help us find Beth - Print your MISSING poster here > http://grassrootsfrenzy.com/MissingbethPoster.pdf

In the wake of a power struggle in the Georgia State Senate, Beth Merkleson emerged as the "Georgia Senate Insider". She emailed almost daily for a week sharing seemingly insightful yet highly manipulative messages with a broad audience of Georgia Republicans. Beth's mission was to retain the Senate's current leadership arrangement and to undermine the movement to return some authority to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

It should be noted that Beth Merkleson's campaign fully assisted Senator Staton's desire to maintain the current Senate leadership arrangement where he holds a prominent post. Merkleson repeatedly circulated a debunked myth of Lt. Governor Cagle colluding with Democrats in the upcoming redistricting process. Merkleson attacked colleagues like Senator Butterworth and others who have contended the current leadership arrangement needs reform. Over the course of her campaign Merkleson turned increasingly religious, quoting scripture and even asking readers to add her ailing mother to their prayer lists. Later, this ailing mother is the reason Merkleson used to explain her absence during Monday's legislative session. Media have since reported that Beth Merkleson has never voted or held a driver's license in Georgia.

Our research proves that on Saturday, April 9, Beth Merkleson and Republican Majority Whip Senator Cecile Staton shared the same IP address. This means the person checking Merkleson's email and the person checking Senator Staton's private email were sharing the same IP network within a 19-minute span. Many have thereby concluded that Senator Cecil Staton is Beth Merkleson. Technically, this data only proves Staton and Merkleson were in very close proximity during this narrow 19-minute window.

So far, Staton has not spoken with any media except The Warner Robins Patriot which he owns. In that brief article Staton said this was a "silly thing" but he has not taken obvious steps to clear himself of suspicion.

The IP address both Merkleson and Senator Staton shared on Saturday is provided by Cox Communications and is known to be a static IP address. Static IPs are required for some business applications and are more expensive than dynamic IPs typical of residential internet service.

Senator Cecil Staton should have already requested Cox Communications release the IPs used on Saturday, April 9, 2011 by his businesses and residence. His failure to take this obvious first step has encouraged the widespread assumption that Cecil Staton is Beth Merkleson. Without the power of subpoena or court order, only Staton can request Cox to release of this private information.

We encourage Senator Cecil Staton to immediately request Cox Communications to publicly release the IP addresses used by his business and home on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

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